Do you like having an impact on the world? Do you want to increase your impact? Let us help you!

Do you want work with a purpose? Do you want to have fun? Do you want to work with a flexible schedule? Do you want rewards for hardwork?

Do you want to improve the way organisations operate, improve sustainability, reduce waste and help support not for profits?

Now’s the time to partner with us and use your drive, personality, experience and contacts to fix this problem!

What we are looking for?

We are seeking partners in the EU, US, Canada and Australasia to help grow the Warp It network. The partners could be individuals or groups (such as consultancies) who have experience of working with municipal councils, hospitals, central government, private sector and/or universities. Warp It helps organisations to reuse and share surplus assets- but we need partners to help inform organisations about Warp It and support the implementation of the system in your country. We generally work with the sustainability, waste, procurement or facilities management department within organisations, and so partners would need to already work or have experience and contacts within those disciplines in large organisations.

The Role?

The role would be to introduce the service to your country or state under some form of commercial agreement, though the actual details of the relationship and the reimbursement model would be discussed and explored for the benefit of both parties. The adoption of this technology is an easy decision for an organisation to make from an environmental and financial aspect.Customers are getting very large returns on their investment in the platform. A city council has saved £1/2million on a £6K investment, another reports £68K saving in 4 months, and another has reported £100K on a £2.4K investment in 6 months. The sell process is therefore fairly easy once initial contact has been made with the target.

Get in touch!

If you or your group have well developed experience in working within the sectors and job roles mentioned above, Please drop us an email at and we can explore the partnership further.

What our customers are saying

This saves the NHS and definitely individual departments and services a LOT of money and hassle!

Rather than filling in long forms to apply for funding for a new piece of equipment...

then sending it through for approval.... 

then putting an order in....

then waiting weeks for its arrival......

Warp It has made it possible for us to click on a button, arrange delivery and it arrives!

This is true resource sharing and distribution at its best!

Anon, Northumberland Tyne & Wear NHS Trust

Slowly but surely, we are getting rid of years' worth collection of ink cartridges from phased out printers etc.making room in our print and storage rooms, and helping the environment.

Anon, University of Cambridge

It was easy to follow and quick to act on my query.

Well done!

carol shove, Aneurin Bevan University Health Board