Guarantee T&Cs

Products manufactured and supplied by WasteAction Resource Efficiency Ltd, are guaranteed to give a 5 x Return on Investment (ROI) in the first year. If 5 times ROI is not achieved the software is provided for free in the 2nd year and the subscription is reimbursed, subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The software product must be correctly commissioned and the organisation should follow the roll out plan here; The organisation should keep records of each task completion.

  2. The organisation begins the roll out plan within 1 week of sign up and the embed guide is complete by 6 months.

  3. During the guarantee period if there are any issues with the roll out of technical performance of the system the admin must contact WasteAction Resource Efficiency Ltd to discuss the best way to overcome the issue.

  4. Any claim made under the T&Cs must be made within one week of the end of the guarantee period.